4 Proven Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning in Industries

Air pollution is causing various health and environmental hazards along with reducing the natural beauty of a place. It not only effects the outdoor space but is also continuously invading the indoor spaces, may it be residential or commercial. To prevent this environmental threat, every living being have to join hands in hand. The most common cause of pollution is industry smoking and discharges. If you own a chemical or processing industry, as a responsible citizen its advised to keep your premises clean and pollution free. Most possibly, the heating and cooling systems running inside your office consists of airborne contaminants that can build up inside your air ducts. Therefore, its recommended to clean the ducts professionally from an expert janitorial company.

Some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by regular duct cleaning are:

  1. Reduce Dust: The most possible source of dust in an office is windows and air dusts. Since ducts are form of vents that carries the flow of air, chances are that dust and microbes may get carried away and scatter everywhere. Its ideal to clean the ducts once in a month to reduce the dust build ups.
  2. Improves Indoor Air Quality: Air ducts consist of dust and debris accumulation, if not cleaned periodically. This may block or restrict the flow of hot or cold air. Regular air duct cleaning can greatly help in preventing the unwanted clogs and blocks, thereby improving the quality and quantity of indoor air. This can also help in improving the hygiene of a place, since the airborne contaminates like bacteria, mold spores, pollen etc gets removed.
  3. Saves Energy & Money: According to a research, even a tiny build up of .042 inches of dirt inside a duct can decrease the energy efficiency by 21%. In contrast, a clean air vent and duct can help in increasing the air and energy efficiency, thereby reducing the heating and cooling costs.
  4. Extends Life Of Cooling Systems: Most of the heating and cooling systems fail due to improper maintenance. In most of the cases, the fan located inside of the system may get jammed or rust. This may result in faulty cooling systems. By getting your equipment clean and maintained regularly, one can prevent early breakdowns & repairs.