4 Effective Winter Floor Maintenance Tips For Toronto Businesses

Winter is here and the temperature has started dropping and soon you will see snow covering the ground. This is the time when you need to prepare your floors for some rough treatment. Your employees and customers will be stepping with snow, dirt, sand and salt from outside that will gradually affect the pristine condition of your floors. That’s why, our commercial cleaning Toronto technicians have suggested a few winter floor maintenance tips for business owners:

1. Use Entry Mats

If you don’t want your employees and customers to bring in sand, dirt or snow with them, then place entry mats at the entrance so they can wipe their feet when they come inside. There are big commercial entry mats available that will efficiently trap dirt and absorb moisture. Make sure to clean the mats frequently to maintain the efficiency of the mats.

2. Clean Your Carpets and Hard Floors

Apart from slush, sand, and rocks, the another major winter-related issue that your building is prone to is rock salt and ice melt. Rock salt and ice can leave white, chalky residue on the floor that makes your place look shabby. Moreover, if left untreated, these white stains can be permanent, leading to carpet replacement which can break the bank. To avoid such situation, it is vital to clean your carpets with steamer on a regular basis to prevent any ice melt or salt residue.

3. Polish Hard Floors with Durable Acrylic Finish

If you want long-term protection for your tile floors, then use an acrylic finish on your floors. The polish gives a nice shiny appearance to your floors while acting as a physical barrier between your floor and any debris or chemicals. If you already use an acrylic finish on your floors, you can enhance the frequency of application in winter.

4. Don’t Forget Wet Floor Signs

While it is utmost important to maintain the pristine condition of your floors, it’s even more important that you look out for your customers. If the floors are wet due to excess snow or cleaning purpose, make sure you put a caution sign to warn customers and employees.

Want a service to look after your floors this winter? Shine All has you covered. Our experienced commercial cleaning experts in Toronto will maintain your floors utilizing top-notch equipments and innovative solutions to get the job done quickly and professionally. For more information, just call us at 1- 888-211-7773.