Why Should I Hire Only the Professionals to Clean My Tile and Grout?

We usually see tile as a sturdy, gorgeous and durable alternative to other flooring options. And while there’s no denying the fact that tile adds a value and aesthetic appeal to your commercial facility, tile and grout cleaning is a difficult task, often best handled by professionals at commercial cleaning Toronto. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Grout – It’s Stubborn

We see grout as the cement and glue that holds together tile. In some ways, this is true, but many people fail to realize how vulnerable grout is to stains and build-ups. Grout is commonly cement-based, which makes it permeable. If your grout is not adequately sealed, it becomes vulnerable to moisture penetration and staining. Commercial cleaning Toronto services use pressure washing to effectively clean the grout.

2. Appearance

Nothing reflects professionalism like sparkling tiles. As residue accumulates over time, it often becomes difficult to tell how dirty your tile is, and even when you begin cleaning it, the dirt and grime only spread and redistribute. Professional equipment and cleaning products, which were specially designed for this task are capable of removing stubborn stains and buildup. Professional cleaners also ensure that no cleaning product is left behind, creating a sticky layer that attracts dirt.

3. Cost of Equipment

Industrial Cleaning Toronto experts invest in high quality steamers and cleaners, particularly designed to clean tile and grout. These tools are important for completing the job effectively and investing in these equipments would cost your business additional expenses.

4. Time

Cleaning tile and grout can be challenging. Not only is it hard on the body, it takes a lot of time. Let the professionals come and clean your floors. If one of your employees hurt their back, the expenses, inconvenience and time shoot up significantly.

5. Care and Maintenance

The cleaning professionals will take a look at your floors, and will advise you the best methods to maintain and care for your tile flooring between cleanings. Professionals cleaners have years of experience with different kinds of products, and no one can advise you better than them.

So often, we consider the cost of a service instead of considering the long term advantages and cost effectiveness. It’s best to leave your commercial tile and grout cleaning to the experts!

ShineAll offers commercial and industrial cleaning Toronto services. We utilize state-of-the-art hot pressure washing equipments to effectively remove build-up from floors. Contact us today to schedule a service.